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Factors That Determine Asbestosis Life Expectancy Rates

There is no simple estimate of asbestosis life expectancy. Although Asbestosis is a debilitating and serious lung disease, it is very rare for patients to die solely from having asbestosis. Unfortunately, it does often lead to a premature death because many patients later develop more serious illnesses that do drastically decrease their life expectancy.

There are several things that affect asbestosis life expectancy rates. Among the factors that determine whether an individual with asbestosis will die at a much younger age are:

  • Smoking. Life expectancy is greatly reduced if the patient is also a smoker. In fact, quitting smoking can provide an individual with asbestosis with years more of a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.
  • Respiratory Diseases. If a patient also has any other form of respiratory problem such as asthma, life expectancy can be reduced when combined with asbestosis simply because the patients lungs have to work so hard to maintain healthy oxygen levels in the blood stream.
  • Other Health Issues. Patients who also have other health problems such as heart disease or diabetes can expect a shorter life than those without these additional complications. Part of this goes back to how asbestosis affects the body it essentially interferes with the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange in the lungs, which means the blood supply isnt as oxygen rich as it should be. This interferes with healing and recovery in general, which can lead to complications of unrelated diseases.
  • Immune System Complications. Some patients with asbestosis develop immune system problems over the years, making it difficult to fight off infections. For this reason, even a common cold can later develop into something more serious such as pneumonia. Pneumonia (fluid in the lungs) combined with asbestosis (damaged and scarred lung tissue) can be a deadly combination, drastically reducing asbestosis life expectancy.
  • Asbestosis and Link to Other Deadly Diseases

    Despite the many different possible complications resulting from asbestosis that can somewhat shorten the patients life span, very few people actually die young just from asbestosis. Instead, asbestosis lays the groundwork for other asbestos related diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma asbestos cancer. These virulent cancers do drastically alter life expectancy, with most mesothelioma patients living less than a year after the cancer is diagnosed.

    If you have been diagnosed with asbestosis or any other asbestos-related disease, be sure to see a doctor. He or she can more accurately evaluate your overall health to give you a realistic asbestosis life expectancy based on your symptoms.

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