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Asbestos Law Issues Can be Confusing

The amount of confusion regarding asbestos law issues is often the greatest stumbling block in handling any mesothelioma or asbestosis lawsuit. Patients who are diagnosed with an asbestos related illness are often overwhelmed when they try to determine what their legal options are and if they even have a case.

Part of the confusion surrounding asbestos law issues comes from the deliberate attempts by major asbestos products manufacturers, suppliers and even the companies that used asbestos, including branches of the military, to confuse the issue. Although it has been firmly established that mesothelioma and asbestosis are caused by asbestos exposure, companies who are sued in a court of law for damages routinely try to cloud the issue by suggesting that there isnt enough of a link proven between asbestos and any given case of mesothelioma or other lung diseases.

Landmark Asbestos Cases Address Some Law Issues

Asbestos Law Issues Even some judges have caused problems by counteracting each other in court on various cases. In the landmark 1995 Manville Trust class action law suit, the presiding judge dragged on the litigation for years, then settled the case for only 10% of its actual value. The long delays and reduced outcome favored Manville because many of the plaintiffs had died during the trial and their estates were entitled to nothing. Since then, firms that specialize in asbestos cancer law issues have studied this case from all angles to prevent any more such disappointing results for patients.

Government Regulations are Murky

Other law issues arise from government regulations themselves. Various bills have been knocking around in Congress for years that would establish a Trust for payment of medical claims by asbestos patients. It seems like a good idea, but various groups debate the wisdom of it; some feel the Trust would ensure that all patients would get some compensation while others fear that it would reduce the compensation of those most in need. Patients Rights groups and law firms specializing in environmental disease debate the various sides of these asbestos law issues in an effort to eventually come to a satisfying solution for everyone.

Asbestos Exposure and 9/11

Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sometimes reverses its stand on asbestos, as happened after 9/11, when it temporarily suspended the Federal guidelines required for asbestos exposure and safety for those working at Ground Zero. Rescue workers and emergency personnel were put at additional risk because of this action, which will most likely lead to another batch of mesothelioma patients decades into the future.

Navigating through the murky waters of asbestos legal information and all of these seemingly contradictory regulations, laws and decisions is tough. Thats why anyone with an asbestos related disease should consult with an attorney who has been studying and working with asbestos related law issues regularly. An attorney can shed light on the confusion of asbestos law issues and lead you toward a solution.

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