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Beware of the Asbestos Defense Attorney

Facing the asbestos defense attorney representing the defendants is one of the most difficult aspects of an asbestos law suit. Patients suffering from mesothelioma or asbestosis are already suffering heavily, and facing the defense attorney only adds to their misery.

Winning through Intimidation and Delay A Common Tactic for an Asbestos Defense Attorney

The job of a defense attorney is, of course, to defend his or her client. Unfortunately in asbestos law suits these attorneys understand that time is literally on their side. In order to delay the nearly inevitable settlements and gain more time to mount an expensive, convoluted defense strategy, asbestos attorneys often sink to tactics that are meant to either discourage the victims so that they drop the case or draw proceedings on long enough that the patients die before the case is resolved.

Asbestos Defense Attorney Emotional stress contributes significantly to the physical and emotional deterioration of patients who have an asbestos related disease. While family, friends, medical staff and the patients attorney may all work together to proceed with the least possible stress on the patient, the asbestos defense attorney has no such qualms. Depositions, interviews and settlement meetings often become intimidation meetings, with the defense attorneys team aggressively attacking the asbestos victim and trying to rattle his cage. Sometimes the stress is so intense that a claimant will drop a law suit just to get some peace.

Very Few Regulations for Asbestos Litigation Case Tactics

Surprisingly, some states still allow defense attorneys to question claimants for hours on end for taped depositions. This can sometimes lead to patients who are on oxygen or even hospitalized being subjected to eight or more hours of intense, exhausting questioning that is repetitive, confusing and emotionally taxing. The defense attorneys questioning becomes a form of physical abuse that can put an asbestos patients already precarious health at risk.

Delaying tactics are another weapon in the arsenal of defense attorneys and asbestos lawyers. Requesting an extension of time from the Courts, canceling and rescheduling depositions and dragging their feet when it comes to turning over incriminating documentation are all tactics employed by defense attorneys in hopes that the claimant will pass away from his asbestos related illness and lead to the law suit being dropped.

If you or a family member has mesothelioma, be sure you talk to an experienced mesothelioma trial lawyer as soon as possible so that the asbestos defense attorney you will end up facing in Court doesnt delay fair compensation for you another day.

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